We all shall play in the ruins 2010
Luis Adelantado Gallery

"The space of our physics, like the space of our daily lives, is thus a mere construction; an architecture thrown up by perception of the phenomena that surround us and thereby shape, for all of us, this 'landscape of events' that makes philosophers and scientists mere humble landscape artists."

Paul Virilio, The University of Disaster

Informed by Paul Virilio’s take on the speed of post-modern society, creating a "landscape of events" where motion and velocity translate to both destruction and construction.

The work work entails a multi-faceted approach to contemporaneity that, drawn from conceptualism and minimalism, reveals the complexities and contradictions of the ever increasing urbanization of space. The City and its architecture becomes the main protagonist and consequently witness of the post-modern condition. Reality and fiction converge, they appear and disappear in the urban landscape, provoking multiple reactions and interpretations. Working with different media, mainly photography, video, installation and sculpture, this work reacts to its surroundings and eerily reminds us that appearances can ultimately be deceiving. The work leads to a profound criticism of the constant simulation of culture, the speed of urbanization and the accelerated decay of our social and political climate.