Untitled (By Reason or by Force) 2017
100 Aluminium-Bronze Chilean Pesos (CLP), train tracks, train

100 Chilean Pesos with the national motto Por la razón o la fuerza (By Reason or by Force) inscribed along its outer edge was placed on a track in front of an abandoned railroad station in the town of Batuco, and flatten with the weight of a fully loaded train filled with waste, coming from Santiago de Chile on its way south.

Por la razón o la fuerza (By Reason or by Force) dates back to 1812 and the wars of independence. Our own "political correctness" inclines us to reject it because it sounds bellicose and authoritarian. However, this was not the original intent of the founding fathers of Latin American Republics–self-made men that were guided by the principles of the European Enlightenment. For them, the goal of national independence was a just and rational objective. If it were not possible to attain it by persuasion, then the force of arms would definitely earn it.