News 2020

BIOCENO: Arte • Comunidad • Coexistencia
Museo de la Cancilleria
Ciudad Mexico

Artistas: Nora Adame, Cecilia Barreto, Diego Beyró, Andrea Bores, Fernanda Brunet, Iván Buenader, Patricia Carrington, Tomás Casademunt, Miguel Ángel Cordera, Vanessa García, Máximo González, Graciela Iturbide, Enrique Jezik, Yousume Katano (Yupica), Daniela Libertad, Pablo López Luz, Luciano Matus, Jason Mena, Fabiola Menchelli, Jorge Méndez Blake, Enrique Méndez de Hoyos, Ricardo Milla, Miguel Milló, Arturo Muela, Paul Muguet, Aurora Noreña, Cristina Ochoa, Damián Ortega, Francisco Ortíz, Horacio Quirós, Carla Rippey, Miguel Rodríguez Sepúlveda, Vicente Rojo, Betsabeé Romero, Elizabeth Ross, Edgar Zolórzano y Juan Pablo Vidal.

Curadora & Museógrafa: Jeannette Betancourt

Care Package
June 24, 2020
Online Printable Exhibition
SVA School of Visual Arts
New York

MFA Art Practice is proud to present CARE PACKAGE, a printable PDF exhibition of work from our alumni to kick off our tenth summer. Featuring Isa Wang ’19, Lindsay Kane ‘18, Ben Quesnel ‘17, Kevin Townsend ‘16, Jason Mena ‘19 and TANGA!intl (Rachel Chick ‘14, Andrew Prieto ‘14 and Alfredo Travieso ‘14)

Summer 2020 is a special one for MFA Art Practice. It’s our 10th anniversary! It’s an occasion to celebrate the extraordinary artists that have made this program so special over the past decade as we look forward to many more years to come.

It’s also the first (and we do hope last) time our intensive summer programming will take place entirely online. Along with our global community, we’ve had to make some changes to the way we’re used to doing things. As we embark today in this new format, we’re proud of the workout faculty and staff has put in to ensure that while this summer may be a bit different, it will be every bit the exciting, transformative, and productively disorienting experience it’s always been.

To mark the occasion, we wanted to do something that felt truly, uniquely, Art Practice. Our community has always valued collaboration and participation as innovation, so we asked a few of our Alumni to contribute works to this PDF exhibition that “viewers” can print out and engage within various ways to make
them their own. So we invite you to:

Print the artworks in this file
Play with your printouts and make them your own
Post photos of your collection with #apcarepackage

Download PDF exhibition